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Why Habitat is Needed

Housing must become a priority

The world is experiencing a global housing crisis. Lack of clean water and sanitation claim the lives of more than 1.8 million young children every ear. The percentage of people without access to decent, stable housing is rising. Increasing the housing supply across the globe is essential. Adequate housing is vitally important to the health of the world’s economies, communities and populations.


In the United States, 48.5 million people are living in poverty minimum wage is not keeping up with the rising cost of living and many workers struggle to afford decent housing.


Decent, stable housing provides more than just a roof  over someone’s head. It is also:

  • Stability for families and children

  • Sense of dignity and pride

  • Health, physical safety and security

  • Increase of educational and job prospects

If we are to succeed in the fight against poverty, we must support the expansion of housing both as policy and as practice.

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