Personnel Committee

 The committee is responsible for the personnel  policies and programs for the  affiliate, developing &  overseeing policies which effect the employees &  volunteers, and overall management structure of the  affiliate.


 Executive Committee

 The committee is responsible for making decisions  required during interim periods between Board of  Director meetings.

Family Selection

 Family Selection Committee

 The committee works to recruit and select potential  partner families. They review all applications, check  credit and references and conduct home visits. They  make recommendations to the Board of Directors  regarding which applicants they feel are best  qualified for the program.


 Finance Committee

 The committee is responsible for the annual audit  and budget of the affiliate. They meet regularly to be  sure the affiliate is operating within its fiscal budget,  and that the books are accurate. They report to the  Board of Directors monthly.

Resource Development

 Resource Development Committee

 The committee develops a plan and framework for  developing resources to provide funding, donations,  etc. that will support the overall mission of the  affiliate. They help with fundraising events, grants,  major gifts, planned giving, etc. The ultimate goal is  to create a stable donor base that provides continued  support for the longevity of the affiliate.


 Construction Committee

 The committee helps the board to set realistic  construction goals and awards bids for skilled labor,  and keeps the Board of Directors informed of the  progress, needs and any potential problems related  to the building program.